September 25, 2023

3 Ways Women Make Themselves Look Desperate. Don’t Set Yourself Up To Fail

I’m gonna jump right into this. If that’s I you don’t want to look thirsty or desperate or make yourself a target to be used try to avoid some of these things.

1. Love Bombing or Being overly affectionate. Or Too mushy.

Men know whether or not they deserve your affection. If they have earned it. Melting all over a guy constantly will make you look more like a new lap dog than a new spouse. Make sure your affections are returned. We have all been caught off guard by terms of endearment and lovey dovey behavior before. It’s always painful to watch a woman swoon all over a man who doesn’t match or seems bothered by her romantic enthusiasm.

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Pouring it on too thick is only acceptable when both parties are completely into it. New relationships are complicated in that there are two people discovering how to share their affections with one another. Don’t create a need for them to make space by swarming them with affection until you learn about how they best receive love. It can feel like you’re begging for closeness if overdone.

2. Calling or texting too much! Or smothering

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A friend of mine used to have this girl he was talking to and trying to get to know. At first she was cool. He had approached her and was calling her. About a week in to it started calling him 4 times a day. By two weeks it was 8 times. No matter how much He talked to her it was never enough. No matter how long they were on the phone she’d call right back.

If he didn’t answer he would get an angry text message. They weren’t even officially together. Needless to say it didn’t work out. He had break things off. He felt so bad about disappointing her but her obsession with him just zapped his interest. She seemed so fragile but he felt smothered. It really hurt her, but there’s no neat way to break things off. He never used her body or took anything from her. So She eventually got over it.

My point is add a man to your life but don’t make him your life. Few people want that level of responsibility. Unless he’s a narcissist and he plans on using you a man wants to join your life not become your life. One of the easiest way to keep a man is to have things to do and give him time to miss you. You start to feel like property when someone won’t back the hell up off of you.

3. Excessive favours

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Women often attempt to gain a guys trust by giving away their money and resources trying to show that they can hold their man down. Always buying things and doing favors. The problem is it sets you up to get used by doing favours for men who haven’t earned your trust and effort. Generous women often get taken advantage of after showing their willingness to go the extra mile for a guy who was only trying to see what he could get from them in the first place.

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Other Guys may see all your efforts to overachieve and box you in the same undesirable category that women sometimes put nice guys in. While many men may like it, these habits are often recognized as trying to buy love. Everyone knows that comes from desperation. It’s best to air on the side of caution and save excessive favours and gifts for men who have proven their love for you.

I hope this advice was useful and if you want more info on this subject check out the video below.