November 26, 2022

You’re The Prize Now Start Acting like it

Most women want to have a long-term relationship with the right man. They want a permanent relationship, not a casual one. Relationship minded men want a woman that they value, respect and cherish. They want someone that they view as a permanent prize.

One way that relationship ready men work out whether you are a permanent prize for them or a temporary prize (did you notice that you are always a type of prize) is whether you view yourself as a prize or not.

But how can you make sure that you are a prize?

The answer is……when you view yourself as a prize, you will act like a prize. Beliefs drive behaviour. If you don’t believe that you are a prize, you won’t act like a prize and men won’t view you as a prize.

All women who know they are prizes know their worth and know they should be treated a certain way. This is reflected in their standards. Women who believe that they are prizes have standards and if a man doesn’t meet those standards, she walks away from him and she knows that he has lost out. She doesn’t believe that she has lost out because she knows that men who behave indifferently or badly are not prizes and are not people to spend time pining over.

Women who don’t believe that they are prizes and believe that the man is the prize, chase him and ask themselves questions like “what do I need to get his attention” or “how can I get him back” and this sends a clear message to a man that she doesn’t value herself. If a woman doesn’t value herself, then neither will he.

Men work out your value from the way you treat yourself and the way you allow yourself to be treated. This is great news as it indicates that YOU are in control of how you are viewed. Be aware that in some instances, men will test you early on in a relationship to see how much you value yourself and how you react will determine whether he continues to view you as a permanent prize or not.

Always remember this…….

You are a prize. You may not be every man’s permanent prize but that doesn’t mean that you are no one’s prize. Someone somewhere believes that you are a prize. Make a promise to yourself that from today you will remind yourself that you are a prize every day. Check out the video below to understand why you are the Prize.