December 7, 2022

Joseline Hernandez Exposes Her Breasts To Fans

Joseline Hernandez has never been shy about showing off her assets, especially to a crowd of adoring fans.

Twitter user @ijayt205 caught the moment on video, during a recent performance featuring the Joseline’s Cabaret star. In the video, captioned:

“Joseline Hernandez The Puerto Rican Princess gave us a show lol,”

Joseline can be seen casually pulling up her cropped light-colored button-up and letting it fall back into place slowly, giving fans just enough time to get a peek of her breasts. She does this all while singing her viral hit “Live Your Best Life (Do it Like It’s Yo Bday).”

The tweet instantly spreads across the platform, with Twitter users either confused or amused or somewhere in between. Most people were pretty pleased with the situation:

While others were judging how serious her demeanor was upon exposing herself:

Others related to Joseline:

And one Twitter user reminded us why it shouldn’t be that shocking:

This Twitter user put it plain and simple, giving Joseline her flowers for being able to make a living doing what she loves.

Recently, Joseline Hernandez made headlines for the treatment of cast members on her Zeus show, Joseline’s Cabaret. One cast member, Amber Ali shared a video claiming she had been attacked by Joseline and her fiancé, Balistic Beats during the reunion taping.

Amber said the altercation was after a previous fight she allegedly won against Joseline Hernandez. She claimed Joseline kicked her as Balistic Beats pulled her hair. Ali filed a lawsuit against the couple but has since dropped it.