September 24, 2023

Erica Mena Arrested For Drug Position & Boyfriend Cliff Dixon For Trespassing

‘Love and Hip Hop’ star Erica Mena arrested on drug charges in Johns Creek.

According to TMZ reports, Erica and her BF, Clifford Dixon, were hauled off to jail Friday in Johns Creek, Georgia, about 27 miles outside of Atlanta after someone called cops from their home to report an argument getting out of hand. Once cops arrived, they interviewed different people in the home and discovered Cliff and Erica had been fighting … and that Cliff allegedly kicked through a bedroom door to a room in which Erica had locked herself.

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According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, one of Erica and Cliff’s roommates heard them fighting upstairs and apparently heard someone get slapped. Cops say they didn’t see any visible marks on either person, but ended up arresting Cliff when 2 different people reported he’d kicked through the door. He denied breaking it.

Cliff was arrested for criminal trespass because Erica told cops the property was in her name. Meanwhile, Erica was arrested for possession of marijuana. Cops say Erica admitted smoking weed and that she had some inside her home. Cops say they found bags of weed and possible THC wax in her bedroom and her kitchen.