September 24, 2023

Ex-‘Smallville’ Actresses Allison Mack & Kristin Kreuk Believed to Be Part of Alleged Cult

Smallville actress Allison Mack was secretly second-in-command at Keith Raniere’s rape cult, according to former publicist.

The 35 year-old actress was allegedly in charge of recruiting new women into the sinister NXIVM group, according to Frank Parlato, who says he worked with her and Raniere.

Parlato claims Allison Mack was a recruiter for a cult group named Nxivm DOS, an upstate New York group that supposedly “brainwashes women into becoming a member,” to put it very mildly. Early reports stated that Mack allegedly initiated 25 women into the group. Writing in a blog post on his personal website, Parlato claimed that Mack even started branding her intitials on other women. He wrote;

“Mack, the second in command of DOS – which stands for Dominus Obsequious Sororium (translating to ‘the slave women under the master’) has Raniere’s initials branded on her pubic region. And she has her own initials, along with Raniere’s, branded on dozens of other women.”

He continued;

“She used her celebrity status to persuade women into sending Raniere graphic nude pictures and confessions to use as blackmail and used her own home to have them branded with a hot iron by physician Dr Danielle Roberts, one of the slave women of Mack and Raniere.”

He added;

“Allison Mack may be mentally ill. She may be a victim. She may be a brutal creature. Either way Raniere preyed on her and brought the worst out of her. Whether she remains loyal to him or turns and gives evidence against him remains to be seen. In any event, Allison Mack as she exists today is a human tragedy.”

It was later reported that fellow Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk was also involved in this secretive group. Following this news release, Kreuk went on Twitter to explain her involvement with Nxivm DOS, where the actress completely denied that she was a recruiter for the cult.

As she explained in a statement she released in a recent tweet, accusations made against her are “blatantly false.” On Twitter, Kristen Kreuk released the following statement, revealing more details about her experiences and what lead to her involvement in the cult. She wrote;

The founder Keith Raniere allegedly enticed thousands of women into his cult with the promise of “increased satisfaction through the removal of mental and emotional blocks.” The cult reportedly went as far as to contain sex slaves and brand women with Raniere’s initials.

On Tuesday, Keith Raniere was arrested on charges of sex trafficking. Former spokesperson Frank Parlato believes Allison Mack might soon be placed under arrest for her involvement with Raniere.

Parlato states it was Mack’s idea to brand victims with cauterizing pens, and the brand-in-question appears to contain Allison Mack’s initials as well. Mack reportedly had a “pyramid of masters and slaves” inside the group, and she was called “the madam.” There is also reported-to-be footage of Mack watching police cars drive Raniere away. Kristen Kreuk is best known for playing Lana Lang in Smallville. Allison Mack played Chloe Sullivan on Smallville.