December 7, 2022

Farrah Abraham Gets Botched Butt Fixed With Fillers

There seem to be few things that Farrah Abraham enjoys more than showing off a fresh round of butt injections.

However, not everything turns out like you hope. Just a few weeks after her first treatments, Farrah apparently had to fly to another continent for some urgent reconstruction work on her booty. Now, Farrah is flaunting that colossal peach alongside a lengthy list of her newest procedures.

While we don’t know the full details, it’s sounding like something or another that Farrah recently received was botched. Instead of going back to Beverly Hills for a touch-up, this time, the Teen Mom villain flew to the UK all the way from Texas. At Miss Hudson’s Academy, “Farrah had a number of procedures done,” according to the official Twitter account.

The account lists one of these procedures as a “booty correction.” According to the page, “Farrah originally had Buttock Fillers … with a Doctor in #BeverlyHills.” The page continues: “Unhappy with the outcome, we reconstructed the booty, adding symmetry and projection bringing everything back into shape.”

That remedy was not all, however. The post read:

“Finishing with the signature #Snatched package covering the following areas,”

The caption listed:

“Jawline & cheek correction, rhinoplasty, lip correction, brow lift (using filler).”

Those are some bold claims by the Instagram account, but Farrah — and her butt — were right there. Additionally, Farrah also read off a video announcing the winner of some sort of drawing, clearly as a favor to the “Academy.” Celebrities essentially do cosmetic work in two ways: silently while spending a lot of money, or very publicly while spending little to nothing. For Farrah, it’s the latter.

Farrah is known for doing endorsements — like any number of reality stars. Unlike most, however, she promotes cosmetic work and medical treatments (some of which are considered dubious or unnecessary) and has done so for years. Whether it’s getting vaginal rejuvenation or another round of booty fillers, Farrah’s happy to take her followers along for the ride — kicking and screaming, if necessary.

So yes, this seems like another endorsement that may have been paid or simply compensated with the aforementioned cosmetic work. That said, sometimes there is a genuine emergency — especially when, say, your butt starts to fall apart. Farrah may have had to make the best of a bad situation and find someone who could remedy a botched booty ASAP.

We are admittedly curious about how those who worked on her just a few weeks ago, in Beverly Hills, feel about this. It’s one thing to get something fixed or touched up. It’s another altogether to see someone advertise based upon fixing what you allegedly “botched.” Then again, maybe Farrah has no intentions of ever working with those folks again and doesn’t mind burning that bridge.

As strange as it may sound to say out loud, Farrah does make part of her living on her butt … that is, by having a certain body type. It’s not entirely clear what motivates companies to work with her after her lengthy history of misbehavior, paranoid ranting, and worse, but it happens. Despite our morbid curiosity, we’re glad that her butt isn’t suffering from whatever caused her to fly out to the UK in the first place.