December 1, 2022

Farrah Abraham: I Had a Midlife Crisis and Now I’m Going to Be a Comedian!

Over the years, Farrah Abraham has pursued a number of different careers.

She’s been a reality star, an adult entertainer, an author, a singer, a frozen yogurt shop owner … The list of her business ventures really does go on and on, and now she’s trying on yet another career for size.

Our girl is going to be comedian! If you’re confused by this development, you’re not alone — it is a pretty baffling move on her part. For one, she’s never been that great at speaking or writing, and she’s never really been known for her sense of humor either, so we’re not sure how this could even work.

And for two, she spent much of last year going on and on (and on and on …) about becoming a lawyer — she claimed to be preparing to take the bar exam in multiple states and even said that Harvard law professors had been asking her for advice because she had such knowledge on the subject.

But in January, she was arrested for becoming belligerent at a bar in L.A. and then allegedly slapping a security guard who tried to remove her from the premises. Since then, she’s not been as vocal about the law stuff.

Instead, she claimed to have been harassed with the arrest, that she was a victim of assault herself after being restrained by the security guard, and she was apparently so shaken up by the incident that she moved out of L.A. altogether. Then at the beginning of March, she checked into rehab for a 28-day stay to treat her trauma, though many suspect it was actually for addiction, and that it could potentially have something to do with her arrest.

She’s been out of treatment for a couple of weeks now, and it seems like she’s a whole new Farrah. And this Farrah is the one that’s going to be doing stand-up comedy. While speaking with TMZ, Farrah said that her rehab stay was “life-changing,” and that “It didn’t only make my year — it made my life.” She continued;

“I’m not going to cry because I’m so happy and grateful, but last time I like broke out in really bad crying and was just having like a midlife crisis, but it happens.”

She also said;

“I learned how to move past step points and trauma so that way I can be resilient. I can have grit and I can move forward and not let legal problems that bother me and don’t affect my time with my daughter and making friends and getting ready for new career steps.”

About those new career steps, she asid “I think I would really appreciate my voice in stand-up comedy.” Well, we’re glad at least one person would, because she seems to be going forward with her plan. Farrah said that she’s working on a set that’s “very Teen Mom,” and that she’s even meeting with Howie Mandel to work on her routine. She said;

“I’m really blessed that I can get over my fear of people that I was having, and now I can really tackle that and overcome it and be onstage. Comedic relief is everything we need.”

Look, it’s not like we necessarily want her to fail, but there’s just absolutely no way in the world she’s going to be good at this. It’s simply not possible. But it’s really happening — she told TMZ that she’s trying to keep things a surprise, but we might see her performing at some comedy festivals soon. Do you think there’s any way this could end well?