September 24, 2023

Jennifer Aniston’s Endless Cabo Vacations ‘Were Like Torture’ For Justin Theroux

According to Star magazine sources Jennifer Aniston’s endless Cabo vacations ‘were like torture’ for Justin Theroux. Justin had no desire to keep up pretenses by spending Jen’s 49th birthday with her in LA. In fact, he couldn’t, wait to be done with his wife, revealed an insider. The source told Star magazine:

“Justin has been trying for years to fit into the West Coast scene that Jen loved,”

The source added:

“but it was always like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole… he’s totally done pretending to be someone he’s not and honestly feels relieved.”

Before he met Jennifer, he had been living in Manhattan for more than a decade, and he had zero plans to leave the city OR tie the knot. The source said:

“He was living a low-key life that suited him and no one was pressuring him to change that.”

When he became smitten with Jen, he tried to become the man she wanted him to be. The source said:

“This is a guy with an artsy group of non-industry friends – writers, tattoo artists, designers – who thrives off city energy and wears head-to-toe black. He’s never wanted A-list fame or to spend every holiday in Cabo.”

His frequent trips to Jen’s favorite Mexican getaway, adds the source, “were like torture.” Jen “insisted” on run-of-the-mill beach vacations despite being worth millions, and Justin never seemed to enjoy the beach time. The source said:

“He’s not the guy who wants to sit on hot sand and tan. That’s hardly his idea of vacation.”

Justin never really felt at home in Jennifer’s mansion, and he seemed skittish about tying the knot. The source said:

“He had healthy relationships without ever getting married or feeling the need to have kids. Then suddenly he’s dating a woman who constantly gets asked about marriage and motherhood, and he felt pressure from all sides.”

By the time they got married – three years after they got engaged, the source said:

“Justin always felt like he was the one doing all the compromising, and realized that he was creating a future that he actually didn’t want. Now, finally, he’s taking some time for himself, reconnecting with old friends and getting back to the way things were.”

According to PEOPLE, Justin Theroux ‘gave up many months ago,’ Justin ‘initiated’ the separation, wanted to end marriage quickly. After splitting with Jennifer Aniston, Justin has been keeping a low profile in NYC while his soon-to-be ex-wife remains at their home in Los Angeles.