March 29, 2023

Jessica Simpson Admits Being Drunk On ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show

Jessica Simpson is finally admitting to something that many fans have long feared was true.

In a new interview while promoting her memoir, Open Book, the 39-year-old singer and fashion designer revealed that she was drunk during her disastrous 2017 interview with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

During an appearance on The Today show, Jessica admitted the interview took place during the height of her battle with alcohol. The mom of three told Today’s Hoda Kotb of the May 2017 sitdown on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Jessica Simpson said:

“I can’t even watch the interview. It was a weak moment for me, and I wasn’t in the right place. I had started a spiral, and I couldn’t catch up with myself and that was with alcohol.”

During the headline-making interview, Simpson blurted out personal details about her birth control method with her husband Eric Johnson and she was confused as to how many songs she had ready for her new album.

She also seemed to forget how long she had been in a relationship with her husband. At the time, fans were concerned that something was wrong with the former MTV star, who was visibly “off.” Jessica Simpson told Kotb of the moment:

“I knew that I wasn’t present. I knew that something was off.”

Simpson revealed she hit rock bottom later that year when she was so drunk she couldn’t help her young children get into their costumes for Halloween after a day of drinking that started at 7 in the morning. The singer admitted she “zoned out” that day and has no idea who got her kids ready for trick or treating. Jessica told Kotb:

“I was just dazed and confused, and I just wanted to go to sleep,”

In regards to her prior drinking addiction, the I Wanna Love You Forever hitmaker revealed that medical professionals informed her that her excessive consumption was a threat to her life.

Jessica, who revealed she regularly carried around a “glitter cup” filled with alcohol, said she quit drinking the day after Halloween in 2017 and started working with a therapist. She says she remains sober today. Jessica Simpson’s memoir Open Book is expected to hit store shelves on February 4th. You can check out a snippet of her interview below.