September 24, 2023

John Legend Addresses Kanye West & Leaked Texts

John Legend is reacting to his good friend, Kanye West, posting a private text conversation on social media.

This week Kanye made headlines when he began to criticize former president Barack Obama and praise president Donald Trump.

He also tweeted a photo of a signed “Make America great again” baseball cap in support of Trump and shaded Obama tweeting:

Shortly after his tweets, Kanye posted a text message between himself and John Legend.In the conversation, Legend criticized him for supporting the president. Check out the tweet below.

Fast forward to the present day and Legend stopped by Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” and addressed Kanye leaking the tweets and what it meant to him. Legend explained:

“I did text him. BUT I did text him after the fact. I tweeted the stuff first then I texted him this morning because I felt like I should speak to him directly and he responded and everybody saw what our conversation was.”

He continued:

“I wasn’t trying to make him feel bad I just wanted him to think of what he’s saying and what it means to people. He’s talking about free thoughts and free thinking a lot and that’s fine for him to think whatever he thinks BUT whenever he makes an utterance and he publishes it. It has impact. Politicians do things it has impact and when you align yourself with them it doesn’t mean your endorsing everything they stand for but your endorsing their agenda essentially. And if Trumps agenda is bringing so much pain to so many people. Then I don’t think we should be endorsing it.”

Check out the rest of the informative conversation between Angela Yee and John Legend below.