December 9, 2022

Johnny Depp’s Clever Strategy That Amber Heard’s Team Didn’t See Coming!

Johnny Depp’s defamation trial has continued after a brief break, with Amber Heard and her witnesses currently taking to the stand.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, has been questioning the 36-year-old during a tense cross-examination over her allegations that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had been abusing her during their relationship. The case began in April and is being heard at the Fairfax County Courthouse and also being streamed live on YouTube on various channels.

During the hearing, legal experts noticed a standout trait on the side of Depp’s legal team, time-saving, something the defendant’s side is unaware of. So, what is this strategy in detail, and how will it impact the case? Let’s find out. Check out Film Streak below for the full low down.