November 28, 2022

Kash Doll Apologises Lil Kim

Just ahead of the release of her debut album, Detroit rap diva Kash Doll is enjoying the perks of superstardom!

One of those perks is partying with the power players that came before her at New York Fashion Week! Kash Doll immediately dished on the excitement of meeting rap icon, Lil Kim while revealing she they were once engaged in a one-sided beef:

She says Kim took it on the chin, embracing and complimenting her recent success:

Kash Doll couldn’t resist fangirling over the Queen Bee!

Lil’ Kim appreciated Kash Doll making their reconciliation public and did her part, showing her support for the world to see.

Women rappers are all too often pinned against each other and encouraged to go after perceived rivals. It’s refreshing to see Kash Doll let everyone know she’s not into it by extending olive branch to rap icon Lil’ Kim.