December 9, 2022

Khloe Kardashian Screamed “LIAR” at Tristan Thompson’s Face During The Kardashians Premiere

We are just days away from The Kardashians premiering on Hulu, and the family has already screened the first episode.

At the premiere, “someone” screamed “liar” when Tristan Thompson appeared on screen. That is not surprising. This is a man who cheated on Khloe repeatedly, and who fought a paternity case in court before being forced to concede that he was the father. The only surprising part of it all is that it was Khloe who did the screaming.

In the premiere episode, which the rest of us can watch on Hulu on April 14, Tristan Thompson makes an appearance. During the scene, which has obviously not aged well, he vows to Khloe that he is working on regaining her trust. An inside source told Page Six that, as this played out, “someone in the audience screamed ‘Liar!.'” The witness to the premiere had more to share. The insider revealed;

“it was Khloe,”

The source reiterated;

“She yelled super loud, ‘Liar.'”

A second insider also confirmed that Khloe was the one yelling at the screen. However, it was not as furious as some might have assumed. This second spy detailed;

“It wasn’t an angry yell.”

The source characterized;

“She jokingly said, ‘Liar,'”

The insider added;

“People were laughing,”

The source shared;

“She was in an amazing mood and spirits,”

Tristan Thompson was not present for the premiere. Kendall Jenner, who stars on teh show, also was not present. However, Pete Davidson was there as Kim Kardashian’s date, hanging with Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheban. Khloe’s motives for identifying Tristan as a “liar” are obvious.

One, she was simply accurately describing the father of her child. Two, vowing to rebuild trust with a woman you’re still cheating on (and have never stopped cheating on, basically) is, well, lying. But “liar” is something of an inside joke for Khloe, because her yelling that word was so heavily featured in one season’s KUWTK promo.

In that instance, she was also referring to one of Tristan’s cheating scandals. However, at the time, her ire was not aimed at the man who cheated on her, but instead at one of Kylie’s friends, whom Tristan had allegedly given an uninvited kiss. Jordyn Woods went from being Kylie’s bestie and roommate to being persona non grata with the entire Kardashian family.

Khloe very publicly put the much younger woman on blast in a furious Twitter tirade. Meanwhile, Tristan, at that time, got to continue being part of the family — and, of course, to continue to cheat on Khloe whenever he felt like it. Don’t get us wrong, Jordyn landed on her feet … and has a lot of admirers.

But it was twisted to see how far Khloe would go, how must she would twist things in her mind, to seemingly try to ruin a girl’s life over her serial cheater baby daddy. Khloe may think that “liar” is a funny callback, but it brings to mind one of her worst moments as a human being.