September 24, 2023

Kim Kardashian Pissed People Think She’s Wearing A Wig

This week, the reality star debuted new pink hair with dark roots. Apparently, some insisted that she was wearing a wig. Today, she hopped on social media telling fans that she actually dyed her hair and isn’t wearing a wig.

In fact, she said:

“‘I dyed my hair guys. It’s like… how is it such a crazy thought. F*ck outta here with that wig sh*t.”

The reality star was wrapped in a white cotton robe lying on her bed as she began her diatribe.

“You guys… If I see one more person say I’m wearing a wig… and think I’m lying… I just don’t get it.”

She Continued:

“Why would I lie about wearing a wig. This is my hair,’

The mother of three said as she reached over and pulled her locks away from her scalp.”

“There is no wig.”

She then ended the video session that featured the Keeping up With The Kardashian star with eyeglass filters. See the clip below.