September 29, 2023

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Marry (Again) in Lavish Italian Wedding

Third time’s the charm? After their “rehearsal” ceremony in Las Vegas and then becoming lawfully wedded in Santa Barbara, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian did it again.

Their third and presumably final wedding ceremony took place over the weekend. This time, family and friends were invited for a star-studded wedding … the exact sort of thing that we expect from the Kardashians.

On Sunday, May 22, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker had a gorgeous ceremony at the historic Castello Brown in the village Portofino, Italy. Castello Brown is on a site that has been in use since ancient times, and the house museum itself has been the setting of multiple novels and films.

Even beside a piece of living history, however, all eyes were on the beautiful bride and her husband — and on the guests. Fellow Depressed Goblin Tattoo Boy couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were reportedly among the first to arrive. The guests filed in via water taxis, a staple in many of Italy’s historic locations. Nothing promises a magical event quite like arriving at a castle via the water, you know?

But yes, they got in some face-licking, something that Khloe was sure to broadcast on her Instagram. The ceremony was reportedly pretty traditional, involving kneeling on gold chairs before an altar decorated with red roses. Kris Jenner herself walked her eldest daughter down the aisle, bursting into tears when she saw Kourt all decked out in her wedding gown.

Andrea Bocelli is an incomparable Italian vocalist and performed at the wedding. (You may recall that he performed at another Italian wedding in this family — Kim and Kanye’s ill-fated marriage formally began in Florence back in 2014). 9-year-old Penelope was the flower girl. Alabama Barker and Atiana De La Hoya were the bridesmaids. 7-year-old Reign was the ringbearer.

While we’re sure that the famous family is still saving the best glimpses for themselves (and for their show), clearly, there was one hell of a party. The famous family documented their adventures on Instagram and even on the algorithmic death-of-art itself, TikTok. We know that Kim underwent a dramatic costume change, for example, so that she could party it up.

Some might find the idea of three “weddings” to be a bit extravagant, but there may be a method to the madness. First and foremost, the first one in Vegas — the one officiated by Elvis — was not an intentional “rehearsal.” Almost everyone believes that Kourtney and Travis intended to marry that night, and likely thought that they were truly married for hours if not days.

One month later, the two became lawfully wedded — for real, this time, with paperwork and everything — in Santa Barbara, California. It is likely that this wedding served two purposes, one of which being giving them a union on their own terms, one attended by at least two older relatives. The second is that this meant that they don’t have to do goofy international paperwork to get an Italian wedding recognized in the US. It already is.

This third wedding ceremony gave the party and opulence that their family, friends, and the world expect. Whether it’s for the family brand or for The Kardashians or just to appease Kris Jenner, Kourt and Travis delivered an outrageous destination wedding. We’re sure that the two of them enjoyed it, too!

Honestly, the variety of looks alone tells us that this was probably fun for everyone involved. Yes, going to weddings can be a nervewracking chore for us peasants, but the Kardashians and their friends deal with dressing up and going to big events all of the time. Congratulations to Kourtney and Travis on their third and, presumably, final wedding!