December 7, 2022

Kourtney Kardashian Shares Intimate Secrets About Her Relationship With Travis Barker

Throughout their time together, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have been quite open about the quirkier aspects of their relationship.

To the chagrin of their exes, Kourtney and Travis post constant PDA, and they’ve never been shy about sharing details of their sex life. These days, Travis and Kourtney are married, and their endless succession of wedding has made them more visible than ever.

For the most part, fans love all of this transparency, but even the diehard Kravis supporters might think the latest update from Barker and Kardashian is a little TMI. On Thursday’s episode of The Kardashians, Kourtney opened up about some unexpected advice that she received from her fertility doctor.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Kourtney is not yet pregnant with Travis’ baby — at least not that we know of. But it seems they’re still working on it. Kourtney told her sisters:

“But he said something — he told us to, well he told me that the thing that would help [my thyroid] was drinking his c-m like 4 times a week,”

She added:

“I love this doctor,”

Apparently, the unusual treatment is meant to help Kourtney with thyroid issues she might be having. And it seems that those issues could be hindering her ability to conceive. So it may not be the conventional way to get pregnant using semen, but it seems that Kourt has no qualms about this line of treatment.

Kourtney has been specking openly about her fertility journey from the very beginning. She recently spoke about a fast that he and Travis embarked on with the goal of increasing their odds of conceiving. Kourt told Bustle that the fact prevented the couple from indulging in caffeine, sex, and even exercise. Kourtney told the outley:

“Oh my God, it was crazy. But it actually it made everything better. Like, if you can’t have caffeine, when you have your first matcha, it’s so good.”

Kourtney and Travis got “married” in Italy earlier this week. It was the couple’s third ceremony, and they legally became man and wife in Santa Barbara a few days prior. The big difference this time was that most of Kourtney’s family was in attendance, which was not the case with the first two ceremonies. The only member of the Kard clan to sit this one out was Rob, who was apparently not expected to attend. A source close to the situation told Page Six:

“Rob prefers to stay out of the spotlight, so he would’ve been uncomfortable going to such a high-profile party even though it was for his sister,”

Fans are still discussing the couple’s bold fashion choices at the third ceremony, and a surprising controversy has emerged thanks to critics who claim that Kourtney was mocking the Virgin Mary with her attire. We doubt that was her intention, of course, especially since the Kardashians are a rather religious family. Kourtney isn’t in the habit of courting controversy, but she doesn’t shy away from it either. Which is probably why she has no qualms openly discussing her latest dietary change!