September 30, 2023

Lil Kim’s Ex Mr. Papers Airs Their Business On Social Media

Lil Kim’s baby father Mr. Papers went on the gram to let the world know how he feels about being absent in their daughter Royal Reign’s life.

Lil Kim’s daughter, Royal Reign, is growing up before of our eyes and her father is realizing that he’s missing out on both ladies. Mr. Papers said he felt compelled to expose his scars publicly, desperate times calls for drastic measures. Lil Kim Ex spoke about the mistakes he made in the past, how he wants her to see his hurt, his regrets, and he wasn’t ashamed admitting that he is an ex-convict. His start the with owning up to his faults. Kind of. He said:

“I gotta live through all my regrets/They say a boy blessed, I’m calling it stressed/My eyes waters, I see my daughter’s barrettes/They say it’s my fault, shit…

The rap also refers to Biggie.

“They say I got a cold heart But I still give her space every March 9th.”

In the same clip the rapper informs Lil Kim how to deal with her career, suggesting a collaboration with Remy Ma. Check out the clip below.