September 22, 2023

Mark Geragos Says Chris Brown is Victim in $17 Million Shakedown in Alleged Rape Case

Attorney Gloria Allred on Wednesday morning filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown, stemming from the alleged sexual assault of a young woman at singer’s home.

According to reports, Chris Brown’s friend Lowell Grissom Jr., a rapper whose stage name is Young Lo, is also named in the suit. Gloria Allred declined to disclose the age of her client, who is identified in court documents as “Jane Doe.” Filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the lawsuit alleges that that plaintiff attended a concert at One Oak in West Hollywood on the evening of Feb. 24, 2017.

The attorney said at a press conference outside the downtown Los Angeles courthouse that at some point, the alleged victim was invited to meet Grissom and Brown at an after-party at a recording studio. Allred said:

“When she arrived at the studio, her phone was taken away from her. She was told that Brown did not want anyone to have their phones in the studio.”

The plaintiff claims she was forced to go to the singer’s home in order to retrieve her phone. Allred said, there she was allegedly “sexually assaulted while falsely imprisoned in one of the bedrooms in Chris Brown’s house.” Although the lawsuit accuses Brown of providing alcohol and illicit drugs to his guests at the home, he is not accused of direct involvement in the alleged repeated assaults.

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Chris Brown lawyer Mark Geragos spoke to TMZ and said the cops determined the woman’s claim that she was plied with drugs and alcohol and then raped twice by a man and forced to perform oral sex on a woman who was menstruating is BS. Geragos also says he and Allred secretly mediated the case already and he says it proved the claims were false. The famed lawyer appeared on “TMZ Live”, thursday and got into specifics of what happened at Chris’ house on the night in question. Check out the interview below.