December 6, 2022

Meghan Markle Begged For Tabloid Attention Before Meeting Prince Harry

Appearing on ITV’s recent documentary, Meghan Markle insisted she hadn’t been prepared for or wanted the media attention of royal life.

But one showbiz editor says she wasn’t always so shy of the spotlight and actually “begged me to get her in the tabloids.” The Mail on Sunday’s Katie Hind met the Duchess of Sussex, 38, in London’s trendy Soho in November 2013, when she was an editor and columnist at the Sunday People.

According to Katie, Duchess Meghan’s U.K. publicist hounded her for a meeting despite her having never heard of the actress or her TV show “Suits.” Hind said:

“Keen to make a name in Britain, her U.K. publicist had all but begged me, then a showbusiness journalist for a red-top newspaper to meet the actress for a drink,”

She continued:

“It soon became clear that Meghan was determined to raise her profile, even if it was with an inconsequential 80-word piece tagged onto the end of my weekly column.”

Hind, who sipped prosecco with the future Duchess until 11 p.m., says Duchess Meghan was “eager” to make her a friend. She said:

“All in all, she seemed grateful that I was helping. We even hugged.”

So the writer was surprised when she watched Duchess Meghan’s interview with Tom Bradbury on “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey,” where she insisted she was surprised by the unrelenting media attention.

The writer also claims Duchess Meghan asked her advice about dating then Chelsea defender Ashley Cole, who had followed the actress on Twitter and was “trying really hard.” But Hind says she warned her away from the infamous footballer, explaining how cheating allegations had hounded his marriage to Cheryl.

Claiming Duchess Meghan looked disappointed, she says she felt “bad that I had crushed her dream of becoming a WAG.” The revelation did, however, get Duchess Meghan a spot in Hind’s column, in which she explained how she’d turned down Cole’s date offer.