March 24, 2023

Meghan Markle’s Sister Says She Failed To ‘Fix’ Family Issues, Racism Not To Blame For Public Backlash

Meghan Markle’s estranged half-sister is revealing the real reason she believes the public is fed up with her and Prince Harry amid leave their life as royals behind.

In a new interview with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie Henderson on KIIS FM on Tuesday, Samantha Markle accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of doing nothing to prevent issues within the royal family before making the decision to step back from their duties, according to a report. The half-sister said, according to the DailyMail:

“Clearly there were some things that happened because the public’s not stupid. They were witnessing some things that they didn’t think were so cool and she didn’t step up to the plate and fix them.”

The sister said Meghan and Harry’s “family” issues and “public spending” were what really upset the public before sharing her thoughts on what did not cause the backlash. Samantha said in the on-air interview:

“It wasn’t about racism, it was about, ‘Hey, you guys aren’t being cool. Step up to the plate and fix it,'”

Samantha has been estranged from Meghan for years, but recently accused the former “Suits” star of marrying Harry for fame and power. She’s also repeatedly slammed Meghan over the last two years for disrespecting their father, Thomas Markle. Samantha said in defense of Thomas, who recently did his own television interview with the U.K.’s CBS Channel 5 discussing Meghan and Harry leaving their life as royals behind.

“It’s really not right of him to die without any closure. I don’t think any father out there would be thinking this is cool,”

Samantha said she hasn’t felt there has been any chance of reuniting with Meghan because “there was so much malice.” She continued:

“There was so much attacking when it could have been nipped in the bud and we could be playing footsies under the table,”

She concluded that Megxit wasn’t a one-sided plan and pointed the finger at Prince Harry for contributing to the family drama. She said:

“I think it takes two to tango,”

Earlier this month Prince Harry and Meghan announced their decision to “step back” as senior royals. the couple is currently residing in Vancouver, Canada.

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At the time, Samantha called the couple’s decision to split their time between the U.K. and North America and own their own income a “gross breach of duty.” The Duchess of Sussex’s dad also sounded off, calling the move “disappointing.”