December 6, 2022

NeNe Leakes Says First Two And Half Hours Of Reunion Was A Gang Up On Her

NeNe Leakes slams Eva Marcille for having no personality and not being fun.

NeNe Leakes is heated after that Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion taping. Other than Porsha Williams, she seems to have no full-time cast members on her side. At least, she has part-timers Marlo Hampton and Tanya Sam for support. However, they weren’t on hand for the whole reunion taping.

On the opposite side was a team led by Kenya Moore. That group includes Kandi Burruss, who has been beefing in the press with NeNe lately. NeNe has been shading Eva Marcille for adding nothing to the show. So, now she’s #TeamKenya. And, then there’s Cynthia Bailey. She made peace with NeNe, but she takes residence up Kenya’s ass. So, we all know where her loyalties lie when it comes down to it. NeNe ranted about the reunion in a video that she shared on her YouTube channel. She claimed:

“The first two, I’m just gonna say maybe two and a half hours. The first two and a half hours was all questioning me, me, me, me. NeNe, NeNe, NeNe, NeNe, NeNe.”

Then, she pointed out something rather ironic. She said:

“I thought, ‘OK, so it’s all me.’ According to everything I saw this season, they said they carried the show. I’m not in that many episodes. They’re in the majority of the episodes. So, why should I have that many questions?”

That’s actually a good point. But, here’s the thing: Eva, Kandi, and Cynthia are not the most exciting reality TV stars. NeNe set the scene, saying:

“When the reunion starts, Marlo and Tanya are not out there. Porsha is there. I’m there. You have to understand that the rest of them are with Kenya on the other side. That be Cynthia, Kandi, Eva, and [Kenya] are all over there.”

The OG shared;

“So, when I’m asked a question, I got all these people jumping in. [The] majority of the time it was Kenya and Eva jumping in. Eva’s got to save her plumb and make it into a peach. So, she’s gotta pull shit out of… just do whatever it is that she’s gotta do. She’s so ‘interesting,’ as she likes to say. But she wasn’t interesting at all. I don’t care what anybody says. She wasn’t interesting.”

Then NeNe said:

“You might have been a pretty face, but you have no personality. You weren’t fun. It was nothing, OK? It just is what it is. No one is bashing you. You’re just boring.” Well, she does have some valid points. Eva is both pretty and boring.”

Tell us what do you think about Nene’s account of the Reunion? Would you rather be on team Kenya or team Nene? Does Eva need to get kicked off the show?