December 5, 2022

Scott Disick: Starting Another Downward Spiral After Kourtney Kardashian Marries Travis Barker?

Absolutely insane news this week, as Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker married in a rushed Vegas ceremony.

Yes, it sounds like a wild rumor, but it’s true — albeit with conflicting tales over whether they first secured a marriage license. People are surprised, sure, but saw this coming, and congratulations are pouring in. But how does Scott Disick feel about this? Is he going to plunge into another self-destructive downward spiral?

At around 1:30 a.m. on Monday, April 4, Kourtney and Travis tied the knot. The two were wed in the One Love Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Yes, you did the math right — this was only a few hours after he performed at the Grammys.

They did take photos, but did not allow the venue to snap any pics. They brought their own photographer — and a retinue of security. The chapel’s owner signed off as a witness to their nuptials … even conflicting reports allege that Kourt and Travis failed to secure a marriage license beforehand.

We know that Elvis officiated the nuptials, but some details remain up in the air as far as the public is concerned. If they didn’t have a valid license already, then the marriage would not be legit. But since the venue doesn’t perform weddings without a license, one imagines that Kourtney and Travis had that squared away. We hope.

One person who might not be hoping for that is Kourtney’s ex, Scott Disick. For one thing, Scott has been deeply bitter for years about their split, and has been downright petty about her relationship with Travis. For another … anyone else remembering that time in 2007 when Kourtney and Scott almost got married in Vegas?

During the very first season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family was on a trip to Las Vegas. Scott asked Kourtney, who was his his girlfriend at the time.

“Would you hate it if I asked you to marry me right now?”

Kourtney replied:

“Yes, I want to.”

Things went way too far, or not far enough — depending upon your point of view. Cameras and the family followed Kourtney as she picked out a wedding dress. Kris had major misgivings, fearing that the whole thing was “rushed.”

Kim at the time spoke up for Kourtney, noting that she had done something similar at 19 to start her (now all but forgotten) first marriage, which lasted 3 years. Kim reminded her mother that Kourtney is 28, but that she wasn’t exactly in the same position as Kris had been at that age. Kris had been a mother of four at 28. Kourtney was childfree at the time. Mason was not born until late 2009.

Kourtney and Scott were, in 2007, prepared to tie the knot at A Little White Chapel. (Unless it was all a very over-the-top performance for the cameras, which we can’t entirely rule out). It was Kris who ultimately talked her eldest out of this. Eight years later, Kourtney and Scott were over for good — but shared three kids.

You know who certainly hasn’t forgotten about that, or other missed opportunities where Kourtney and Scott could have married? Scott himself. Upon hearing what went down late Sunday night, he has to be reliving it all … and experiencing some complicated, unhappy emotions.

Several years ago, Scott Disick went on an intense downward spiral. Reports described him as buring himself in both booze and (extremely young, barely legal) women in Cannes. This is when he really cemented his reputation as a sad older man boning 19-year-old models. The reputation, and the habit, has stuck.

Scott ended up shaping up a bit when he got with Sophia Richie. Then, years later, he ended up with Amelia Hamlin — both 19-year-old models when they first hooked up, both with famous parents. But while so much of the focus has been on Scott dating the sorts of girls whom his tween son might very reasonably have crushes on, many forget how worried Scott’s friends were.

Back in 2017, there were people in Scott’s life who genuinely feared that he was going to die or end up hospitalized. He was not, by all accounts, taking care of himself. Boning models might sound like self-care, but it was a symptom of what many believed to be a self-destructive bender — one that only ended when he got with Sophia.

Well … is that going to happen again?

We would like to think that it won’t, mostly for the sake of his and Kourtney’s children. Perhaps now, with the breakup being less raw, Scott can process things in a healthy way. But we hope that Scott’s friends and loved ones are keeping tabs on him and making sure that he is okay.