December 2, 2022

Scott Disick Thinks It’s Time For Him To A Date Full Grown Adult

Much of the drama on The Kardashians‘ premiere on Thursday, April 14 had to do with Kim Kardashian doing damage control.

But Kourtney’s love for Travis Barker was also featured prominently. Scott Disick was feeling left out and excluded, but that wasn’t entirely a bad thing. He admitted that he knows, deep down, that he might need to find an age-appropriate girlfriend if he wants to really move on.

As we saw on the premiere on Hulu, Scott Disick was not invited to a family BBQ. Everyone else was there. Everyone else had been invited. While this was what Kourtney wanted, some of her family were miffed or even felt guilty for enjoying the gathering without him. Kim pointed out;

“It’s everything he was always afraid of, ‘I don’t have any family, you’re my only family,'”

She expressed;

“And now, it’s coming true.”

Being excluded from one event isn’t that big of a deal … unless it becomes part of a larger pattern. Kourtney pointed out in the confessional;

“Hold on guys, Scott and I have been broken up for seven years,”

She noted;

“And, I gave him 10 years before that. So why is everyone making such big deal about this?”

Kourtney asked;

“Let’s just not hate on a girl who finally knows what she deserves.”

Khloe stopped by Scott’s home, noting that they have a sibling-like bond, albeit an oddly flirtatious one. This marked his debut on the show, and gave him a chance to talk to the cameras and to Khloe about being shut out.

Yes, he heard about the BBQ — he and Kourtney have the same kids, after all. But it’s not all bad, either. Scott remarked to the confessional camera;

“For the first time in my life it’s finally starting to change,”

Scott sugggesteded;

“Now that Kourtney’s got her life with Travis, as hard as it is, it does give me a place to finally be able to move on,”

Khloe asked Scott how open he would be to having a “real loving relationship” akin to what Kourtney has found with Travis. He admitted;

“If I want to find someone real and serious that I’d want to spent my life with, it would have to be somebody … [in their] upper 20s,”

Scott added;

“Not over 30 … whatever … 30, whatever it is. If I love somebody, doesn’t matter their age.”

Scott expressed;

“Feeling left out and not being told anything is super hurtful, especially when I don’t have another family to go to,”

Khloe suggested that Scott might have been spared some discomfort given Kourt’s PDA with Travis. But Scott said that he’d prefer to endure that than to not be around the family “at all.” Scott shared;

“I always had her friends or our family in my ear kind of like, ‘Don’t worry honey, eventually you guys will figure it out and you’ll get back together one day,'”

He characterized his past feelings;

“My foot was always halfway in the door.”

Scott understated that it was “a huge adjustment losing Kourtney romantically.”