October 3, 2023

Torrei Hart Reveals She Was Suicidal

Torrei Hart is opening up about some of the challenges that she has endured. In a recent interview with the Hip Hop Socialite, the ex wife of Kevin Hart and comedian admits that during one point in her life, she considered suicide. She says;

“That’s why I say you have to fight for your happiness. I can tell you there were moments when I was suicidal, and I’m okay with speaking on it. There were moments when I felt like, what’s next God? I questioned God, and growing up, I was taught that you don’t question God, but let me tell you, that showed me, no, you question God.”

He added;

“You say listen, You created me and You told me I was great. You put this in me, so I need You to show and prove, and there were moments where in that moment, I tell you, the next hour, God would show me or put something in my life to show me exactly who He is. I think it’s a choice – you can choose to be positive, you can choose to let your aura shine in a positive way, even through the pain.”

She continued;

“There’s things that happen to everybody in life – with Tameka [Foster], when I was on that show [“Atlanta Exes”], I didn’t realize that Tameka had just lost her son, so I don’t know if I could handle that type of pain. Honestly, me losing a relationship, I can deal with that, but honey, losing a child? Man, I went back and apologized to her and let her know how much I love her, how much I respect her, and how much I just admire her as a woman because if I lost my son, I don’t know how I would recover.”

She added;

“And sometimes people are so judgmental, and they don’t understand the pain that you’re going through – I’m actually about to cry right now thinking about Tameka and the conversations we’ve had because I pray for her everyday for her to be uplifted and for God to bless her heart and give her peace because losing a loved one, losing a child, that’s nothing easy! So relationships, hey, relationships can come and go, and you can find love again, but you can never replace a child.”

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