September 24, 2023

Watch: Toni Braxton Confirms Engagement on Braxton Family Values Season 6 Trailer

During the last season of “Braxton Family Values,” fans wondered if the relationship between Toni Braxton and Birdman would last. Well in the season 6 trailer for the show, Toni Braxton answered this question by revealing her engagement.

On the upcoming season of “Braxton Family Values,” the drama will be flowing. The Braxton sisters will be standing behind Tamar as she’s goes through her marital drama with Vincent Herbert.

However, Tamar will clash with her mother Evelyn for speaking out in the media about Vince allegedly abusing Tamar. There will also be a potential lawsuit against the Braxtons that may cause trouble with all of them.

It all won’t be dramatic, however, as Toni Braxton reveals her engagement to Birdman, something that has been speculated for months. Check out the trailer below.