September 24, 2023

Mel B Makes Peace With Eddie Murphy

The animosity between former Spice Girl Mel B and her ex Eddie Murphy is now over, thanks to the comedian’s mom. A source told Raderoline:

“Mel and Eddie are on good terms,”

According to Scary Spice’s friend:

“It’s a big deal because when Mel originally split with Eddie it was over the way she spoke to his mom,”

Mel B kick-started the truce by inviting Eddie’s mother, Lillian, to her Los Angeles home for Christmas dinner so Lillian could spend time with her granddaughter, Angel, now 10. Mel, 42, and Eddie, 56, dated briefly in 2006, but split when she was six months pregnant.

The former “Saturday Night Live” funnyman denied being Angel’s father, igniting a vicious paternity battle that led to a DNA test which proved he was Angel’s dad! But tension between the former couple continued to mount.

Mel even claimed her then-husband, Stephen Belafonte, who she now labels a wife beater and a cheat, was a better father to Angel than Eddie ever was. Stephen is said to be seeking visitation rights for Angel, but Eddie who has a total of nine children reportedly opposes the idea, and will support Mel’s fight to keep him away.