March 20, 2023

Watch: America’s Got Talent Season 14 Episode 24 – “The Champions One”

On America’s Got Talent Season 14 Episode 24 – “The Champions One”, ten of the most memorable acts from around the globe perform for the judges; four of these acts advance, two chosen by a panel of superfans, one Judges’ Choice and one who receives a Golden Buzzer to perform in the finale. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

The world’s talented yet undiscovered performers of all ages singers, dancers, magicians, comics, musicians, ventriloquists and more appear before celebrity judges who decide which contestants move on in the competition each week. With the guidance of the show’s host, the audience learns the backstories of these amazing people as they strive to make it to the finale, in which one talented performer wins a life-changing $1 million prize as well as viewers’ hearts.

The season also includes the return of memorable acts, and extraordinary performers from previous seasons return to the stage to compete in hopes of taking home the first-ever winter title of AGT Champion. Favorite contestants from other international Got Talent franchises, spanning 184 countries across the globe, also join the fray, showing off their talents for a whole new audience.