March 26, 2023

Watch: Grantchester Season 4 Episode 6

On Grantchester Season 4 Episode 6, Will, reeling from his family tragedy and daunted by the choice he now faces, seeks distraction in Geordie’s world. A curious new case unfolds: the murder of a Teddy Boy at a dance hall, which Geordie concludes is proof that the country has truly gone to the dogs.

It’ is a view fuelled by the impotence he now feels regarding Cathy’s harassment at work and his daughter Esme’s teenage rebellion. The dead boy’s pockets reveal a library card from Esme’s school, and a picture of Esme herself. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Vicar Sidney Chambers joins forces with Detective Geordie Keating and helps him investigate and solve crimes committed in the village of Grantchester.