September 24, 2023

Watch: Hit The Floor Season 4 Episode 1 – “Slay”

On Hit The Floor Season 4 Episode 1 – “Slay”, the more things change, the more things stay the same; new Devil Girl dancers step into the arena for a chance at stardom; new rivalries form on and off the court, as the L.A. Devils nation deals with growing pains. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

The Los Angeles Devils provide plenty of highlights as pro basketball’s top team, but it’s the heat generated by the league’s premiere dance squad, the Devil Girls, that has everyone’s attention. The players now share the entertainment spotlight in the City of Angels with the dancers, and with that attention comes fame, money, power and sex. It’s an alluring world for Ahsha, a sheltered young woman who joins the team against the wishes of her mother, Sloane, who having been a Devil Girl herself knows whereof she speaks.

The team’s star, ruthless Jelena, does not suffer lightly any competition to her standing; its director, Olivia, has turned the Devil Girls into a multimillion-dollar empire thanks to her crafty ways; and on the outside looking in is coach Davenport, a former all-star who returns to the sidelines of his old team but has to contend with the girls hogging the limelight and distracting his players.