November 28, 2022

Watch: Holby City Season 21 Episode 48 – “Blurring the Lines”

On Holby City Season 21 Episode 48 – “Blurring the Lines”, Kian is desperate to deliver the surgery that Bea desires, but a stressed Jac won’t play ball. How much will Kian sacrifice to give Bea what she wants? Dom and Lofty are too busy putting others first and not dealing with their own problems.

Is their relationship strong enough to survive these tough times? Donna distracts herself by focusing on returning patient Cherie Grimes. But when fun-loving Cherie goes missing, will Donna be brave enough to convince them both to face their fears? You can watch the full video below.

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About the show:

A spin-off of medical drama “Casualty,” this programme follows the lives of the surgeons, nurses and ancillary staff at Holby General Hospital.