March 29, 2023

Watch: Holby City Season 21 Episode 49 – “Bell Jar”

On Holby City Season 21 Episode 49 – “Bell Jar”, Elliot needs life-saving surgery. Jac is the only one qualified to do it, but will her struggles with anxiety result in her killing her mentor? Cameron sees an opportunity to make amends for past actions, but does so by manipulating a patient’s relative for his own ends.

Still struggling with grief, Dom and Lofty are thrown when Carole returns from holiday blissfully unaware of their loss. Will she bring them together or only drive them further apart? You can watch the full video below.

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About the show:

A spin-off of medical drama “Casualty,” this programme follows the lives of the surgeons, nurses and ancillary staff at Holby General Hospital.