June 7, 2023

Watch: Ink Master Season 12 Episode 3 – “Down to the Wire”

On Ink Master Season 12 Episode 3 – “Down to the Wire”, DescriptionThe artists must fight even harder to win the Battle of the Sexes as the field thins and the competition intensifies; one artist is not wired properly for the competition and must pack up and close shop. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Spike’s highest-rated original series returns for its fourth season, which features 17 top tattoo artists “dyeing” to make a lasting impression on the judging panel in this competition. Renowned tattoo artist Chris Nunez, best known for his work on “Miami Ink,” veteran artist Oliver Peck and host Dave Navarro return as judges, joined each week by guest judges, among them New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie, and boxer Brandon Rios.

Competing for a $100,000 cash prize and an editorial feature in Inked magazine, the contestants face various technical and on-the-spot creativity challenges. And in addition to the judges, the competitors obviously have to satisfy the “human canvases” the people on the show who are getting tattooed who once again get to vote in the elimination rounds, helping to determine which artists are ultimately sent home.