May 28, 2023

Watch: Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 2 – “Meet the Legends”

On Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 2 – “Meet the Legends”, Sara, Ray and Mick are shocked to discover that the Legends have become famous; the Legends discover that their new problem is Rasputin; Constantine thinks he knows the reason for new time blips and informs the team that it won’t be easy to defeat. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Arrow' andThe Flash’ have some new superhero company in Sky’s lineup with the addition of `DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’.

After seeing what doom the future holds, time-travelling rogue Rip Hunter realises heroes alone are not enough to prevent the impending catastrophe that threatens not only the planet, but all of time itself.

Tasked with recruiting both heroes and villains, Rip brings together a ragtag team of divergent talents, which includes Sara Lance, Jay Jackson, Ray Palmer, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold and Heat Wave.