November 26, 2022

Watch: Little Women LA Season 7 Episode 5 – “Injections and Rejections”

On Little Women LA Season 7 Episode 5 – “Injections and Rejections”, Christy throws a Botox party to regain her self-confidence; Elena shadows a beauty salon owner and discovers she may be in over her head; Tonya is livid over Terra’s plan to launch a wine with a controversial name. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

This reality series follows close-knit friends with big hearts and big personalities, who have a physical trait in common: They are little people. The ladies travel around Los Angeles while dealing with relationships, parenting and careers.

As with any friends, they express feelings from laughing, to crying, to fighting but lend emotional support to one another. While dealing with everyday challenges, they are out to prove that just as people say about age “height” is just a number and being short doesn’t keep them from having normal lives.