May 30, 2023

Watch: Marrying Millions Season 2 Episode 9 – “Love On the Rocks”

On Marrying Millions Season 2 Episode 9 – “Love On the Rocks”, after telling Desiry about his infidelity, Rodney has to pull off an all or nothing plan in hopes of winning Desiry’s hand. Rick travels to Illinois to beg forgiveness after proposing to Erica and neglecting to ask her father first.

Long distance is pulling Kevin and Kattie apart, but Kattie has an idea that may close the gap between them and keep their love alive. Things are feeling crowded in Bill’s mansion with Bri’s mother roaming the halls. Bri needs to find a way to keep both sides of her life happy before everything implodes. You can watch the full episode by clicking the red button below.

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