June 3, 2023

Watch: NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 Episode 15 – “Relentless”

On NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 Episode 15 – “Relentless”, Tammy must protect a teenage girl after her father is shot in their home while the rest of the team searches for a motive. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Agent Dwayne “King” Pride has a team out of New Orleans’ NCIS field office that is investigating crimes that affect military personnel.

He’s a local guy with a drive to do the right thing and leads agents Christopher LaSalle who plays almost as hard as he works and former ATF agent Sonja Percy who finds being a part of a team an adjustment after years of working undercover assignments on her own.

Eccentric coroner Dr. Loretta Wade supports them on cases. Together, they delve into the dark side of the colorful city that’s a magnet for servicemen on leave.