May 30, 2023

Watch: Outmatched Season 1 Episode 6 – “Bullying”

On Outmatched Season 1 Episode 6 – “Bullying”, Mike and Kay look into a charter school for Marc after he is brought into the principal’s office for bullying his teacher; Kay fears Marc’s chances of getting accepted might be ruined due to her own bullying past. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

For most parents, parenting is hard, but for Kay, a caustic, take-no-prisoners casino pit boss, and husband Mike, a handyman and uncultivated guy’s guy, parenting may as well be advanced calculus.

Dealing with the demands and egos of three high-IQ children would be tricky for any parent, but it’s especially hazardous for two working stiffs who barely got through high school.

Mike and Kay are committed to bringing some normalcy to their kids’ hectic, unconventional childhoods, but these geniuses don’t make it easy.