June 7, 2023

Watch: Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 4 – “Early-May 2020”

On Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 4 – “Early-May 2020”, Hollywood’s mother’s health has severely declined, and he is crestfallen that he’s unable to visit her in the hospital. While he is away, Violet invites Prosper to stay with her to keep each other company. Meanwhile, at Charley’s house, she and Micah strengthen their bond.

But their relationship is tested when Charley learns that he plans to attend a party in the pandemic, and she delivers a hurtful barb about his character. She later apologizes and reveals more about her relationship with Micah’s father, Davis.

Meanwhile, Calvin’s daughter Courtney quarantines with him and Nova. Despite Nova’s initial resistance given her heated exchange with Calvin’s ex-wife, things turn out better than expected. Elsewhere, Ralph Angel bonds with the patient at his new job in the nursing home.

Finally, Micah locates a legal rule that will help Charley with her fight against Parker and Landry, and Ralph Angel talks to Darla about their future. You can watch the full episode by clicking the red button below.

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