May 30, 2023

Watch: The Challenge Season 35 Episode 3 – “A Hard Jay’s Night”

On The Challenge Season 35 Episode 3 – “A Hard Jay’s Night”, the Challengers blow up trucks during the ‘Decode and Detonate’ challenge; Jay finds himself in the middle of a dangerous love triangle that could result in his demise; and Wes and Bananas’ alliance faces its first true test. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

The war is over, but the madness is only just beginning. Returning to the solo format in which every man and woman is competing solely for themselves, The Challenge: Total Madness will pit 21 veterans and seven rookies against one another in the most insane challenges ever devised in the show’s 22-year history. Who will take home the $1 million prize, and who will succumb to madness?