March 26, 2023

Watch: The Pale Horse Season 1 Episode 2 – “Part Two”

On The Pale Horse Season 1 Episode 2 – “Part Two”, Mark is consumed with paranoia, fearful that his life is at risk and that the perpetrator is someone known to him. To make matters worse, Detective Inspector Lejeune seems increasingly suspicious of him. Mark determines to find a rational explanation for what has happened, which seems to lie in the ties between his first wife Delphine and the trio of `witches’ at Much Deeping. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

London in the early 1960s. Mark Easterbrook has everything a man could dream of he’s rich, successful and popular, with a beautiful wife and a perfect home. But scratch beneath the surface and he’s still grief stricken by the loss of his first wife Delphine.

When Mark’s name is discovered on a list in a dead woman’s shoe, everything starts to fall apart for him. Why did Jessie Davies die, and why was there a list of names hidden in her shoe? Detective Inspector Lejeune interviews Mark and mentions that the names Tuckerton and Ardingly were also on the list. Mark has a connection with Thomasina Tuckerton and David Ardingly, and Thomasina is also dead.

As Mark tries to work out why he is on the list and what it means, everything seems to lead back to the village of Much Deeping. His first wife, Delphine, visited the area on the day of her death. Much Deeping seems to be an idyllic English village, but it is also a place of old traditions, macabre rituals and strange beliefs, a place of witches, curses and spells.

Jessie’s employer Zachariah Osborne tells Mark that witchcraft played a part in Jessie’s death, which Mark angrily rejects. But then he is sent a mysterious corn dolly. As more people named on the list are found dead, Mark starts to fear for his own life and sanity.